Talking Points

Friday, February 23, 2018

Soho Dining Confidential is a collection of restaurants compiled by Will. It grew from frequent requests by friends and family to provide restaurant recommendations to Central London visitors.

Will has eaten at all the restaurants. He is not sponsored by anyone and does not accept free meals or drinks. Soho Dining Confidential is purely a reflection of his personal tastes and preferences.

Will lives near Cambridge Circus and dines out far too much. By way of amends for his dining indulgence he keeps Soho Dining Confidential as a structured list of the foodie haunts of Soho, Covent Garden and surrounding areas. Trusted dining friends provide second opinions and alert him to changes. The restaurants mainly focus on the wealth of Modern European dining in London with occasional visits to other continents.

Soho Dining Confidential is a consequence of London’s glorious restaurant revolution. Starting circa 1990 London was transformed from a sorry desert into one of the great restaurant cities of the world. The latest twist of this revolution places a premium on creativity where plates of food are ‘designed for sharing’. Hushed dining temples, replete with linen and silver, where penguin-suited waiter-priests wield odd implements to pick up non-existent crumbs are best consigned to museums.

Excellence today is frequently found in small restaurants that offer delicious, creative food in informal settings – no fuss, no linen and often not much elbow room. Many are relatively inexpensive, as good food goes, restaurants for foodies: vibrant, even boisterous, though mostly – blessedly – rock music free.